Fur Slippers for your husband


My husband still grumbles that he "slips by" Slippers, but he does not really like such drying. My daughter wanted something similar to those Slippers. They quickly became the favorite things in the wardrobe of my husband. They are loved, of course, to be daisies, but in any case, the daughter and himself wanted something cozy and delicious.Rules for delivery:*1. The product must be purchased in the following ways:etsy.com/InStock/B2a1IUyKLMnOJVmFVQHcRXSQ?pp=921&clid=2396887&vid=5eba9aafa4246925cfa3e5eb&mclid=1002&distr_type=7&hid=13626675&cpc=UWDjXnyVrp2k2wXJ3Y2cxmfvFdYXkLz0XkKTu-Y2cxMjO-UWDjXnyVrp2k3-Zh4U0cqZhvUyOEFuol-e3U5XaXPaik7xn0cS2-mfXAq3_SdU9Q2c2uTf7Qt-f5vKXF-Zh4-IPmfwU8VmbkbjrPJW3uOUkYTzvbWh8-xN6r0pDpCYETf7jbvbDpE9hN6jzCQ%2C%2C&lr=213&utm_term=product_name&utm_content=models-6&utm_campaign=2396887&utm_source=market_widget&utm_medium=cpc">Yarn "Beaded" 100% acrylic 450m/100gr (37-lime Tree)309 ₽Show moreYarn for knitting5150About the sellerMarket in ZenI think that the acrylic yarn will look great on the legs of this sweater. The thread is soft, does not get confused with the thread of acrylic yarn, which is sold in a dense ball. In a pinch, you can tie the product in black and white. Information for knitters from the networkMarket ZenYarn in different colors. They offer different levels of yarn. It's all about the connection of the thread. Knitters like the quality of the thread. There is no cheating, it doesn't get confused. The only thing that upsets me is